Last week I finished Gorbad Ironclaw!

He took me three days on and off and I loved painting him and think he came out better than I had even hoped. As much fun as it was, however, I do not suggest that anyone else starts with a model like him. I did him in three parts; Boar and legs, Upper body and Shield. This made him easier to paint, but then I had to be patient sticking together the bits at the end, which proved to not be one of my strong points! If I can give you one piece of advice for if you do decide to get a metal model, it would be to give models a good 24 hours to dry. Just in case!

On another note, I will have to put up updated images of my goblins as I am currently in the process of basing them so they look neat and finished. As I did them a bit backwards, this is going to involve a bit more patience, but I think I have learnt enough to make sure I allow plenty of drying time for my models now. I will be going back to night goblins for a while now as I have plenty of them, once I have gotten myself some bases to put them in.

Then I need to decide on something else exciting to buy myself... might not even be O&G based... I kind of want to paint something with wings again! We’ll see.