Code of Conduct

Why is it that shop assistants are trained to be patient, friendly and considerate, just to have it all thrown in our faces? Recently I had a customer ask me a question about the location of an item. I gave her an answer and she told me I was wrong. I explained my answer and she told me, again, that I was wrong. I apologised and told her that once I had dealt with the customer I was just about to go give an answer to (who just wanted to know when the store closes on a Sunday) I would find another employee and see if they can get her the answer she needed.

I was told not only that she needed an answer NOW but that if I didn't know I should have just said so... Which, by the way a) we are trained not to do and b) would have more than likely caused more frustration, ESP as the shop floor tends to be rather short staffed.

Why does she get away with taking a tone with me like I'm useless, when she's not willing to listen to me while I am being patient, friendly and considerate? Why is there not a way to discipline them and, if this is ineffective, fire them from shopping?

Shop online if you're going to be like this. Thank you very much, have a nice life.



Blogger got an app!

I've been wanting an app I can use to update with simple text only posts when I'm on the move. I'm now back in a retail job and would like to share my stories as soon as possible... And now I can! :D

Watch this space