One down

Well, since Wednesday I have been at my father's house, revising. Well, I say that I was revising, but there was a lot more that happened too. Such as being taken out for meals, cheering up friends, chatting on MSN, worrying about Skep...

Yes, you read that right. Skep also drove to his mother's this weekend. This gave me a good break of time to do revision in, and I did, I was good. But then realised he had taken way too long and as I was thinking that I should call someone, I got a message off of his dad asking if I'd heard from him. Now, unfortunately his phone wasn't working that day either. At all. So calling HIM was futile, and his mum hadn't heard from him at this point... there was a lot more worrying and message sending before he managed to safely get to his mum's. Well... HE got there safely. His car is another matter entirely...

Apparently he turned too quickly into a corner when he was getting close to his mother's and managed to tear off the wheel and body work... it's gonna cost him a few of hundred pounds to get it fixed and get it to the places that will fix it. Much fun.

So now my boyfriend is pretty chronically poor due to being indebted to his mother and father and probably still considers himself indebted to my father too... no pretty things for Sky or Skep for a while (well, from Skep anyway)

I came back to Unihome yesterday evening, when I was flooded with people doing work and being stressed. So I awe-struck them all with my lack of stress and sorted my room out before settling down to chat to Skep a bit while looking at some notes for today's exam. I realised halfway through my time at dad's that I hadn't brought any notes for this exam, but found some Powerpoints, which I read through a bit and hoped they'd help. Then when I was here I looked at some legislation. This morning I also looked through the legislation some more before looking up a few diseases and stuff. At this point I was getting a little stressed because I was convinced I didn't know enough to answer any questions and I'd be screwed...

I walked to the college, which was nice as I haven't done that walk for a while. I got there 15 minutes early, which was also nice as I then searched for the room I was in because it wasn't a normal exam room. I then sat outside for a while, partly just to have a seat and partly because I'd worn way too many layers and therefore was a bit warm. When I got there I saw Julia and Ashlee - Julia looked happy! I kind of looked over a couple of times and she didn't really notice me, so I let her be, figuring she wouldn't want to see me.
When I walked to my exam room for the second time there was a couple of people there, including Carly, so I stood and talked to her about the weekend and life. We usually have an hour to talk about pretty much everything and it's really cool, but we've obviously not had that for a while so it was good to catch up. The conversation then moved on to the exam and we were bother pretty worried about it. Everyone was, actually, all pretty underconfident - at least I had good reason to!

The exam was actually a LOT better than I expected. After the first 30 minutes it even went quite quickly. The questions were amazing. Obviously, the three I didn't answer (you need to pick three from six) were ridiculous, but there was three pretty perfect ones. One on domestication (which one of the Powerpoints was about), one was on infectious diseases (which I had been reading this morning) and one on behaviour (which I could make up pretty easily after reading lots of books on cats recently). So I think I might have actually done a lot better than I had predicted before the exam! Brilliant! I actually text Skep afterwards to thank him, because he'd yelled at me for not revising this morning, so that motivated me to read about those diseases I wrote about

And then I walked home. On my way out of the building I saw Julia again and she said hi and asked how things were. Was nice and friendly, then she and Ashlee disappeared and I came back here to sort my room out a bit and talk to Skep... his mates Jen and James have fallen out quite badly today over her being a bit immature. Should be interesting if they stay fallen out, always wondered what would happen with Jen and Skep at that point... we shall see. I don't believe that he'll do anything, I'm just more than a little cautious of her and her sneaky ways

And on a final note, I've finally heard back from Weirfield Wildlife Hospital. I wrote to them at the beginning of the year to ask if I would be able to do some volunteer work there. They've let me know they'd be very grateful for the help and just to fill in the form they e-mail to me. I think they thought that I lived in Essex, which amused me. The idea that I'd go all the way to Lincoln for that experience! I hadn't realised they were big enough to have a website and stuff though... granted, not a very nice website, but a website none-the-less, check it out:

And now I shall eat before looking at and for more note for behaviour. I have the day off of exam tomorrow, then one each day until Friday. I get excited everytime I think about Friday and the week following. I really hope Skep and I have a good week, it should be good


He's Gone, for now

Well, today I woke up at a reasonable time, considering last night I had to drag myself away from tidying up a Powerpoint presentation in an attempt to learn something about companion animals. I talked to Skep and he was getting ready to drive to his mother's place for a couple of weeks. He also informed me that he couldn't make the phone call I'd cheekily asked for, because his phone had been disconnected. Sometimes it really does seem like fates or something are stopping us from fully enjoying this relationship...

When he went to pack things up properly, I started some more revision. I was looking through behaviour, which is a lot more fun than nutrition... although not as much so when you don't get to watch the DVDs we were. The studies are more to my taste, and it's just generally more in my interests than all those nutrients. However, I started getting stomach cramps and so had to take a lie down. When I woke up, I went to my laptop and Skep had left me a message to say he was leaving... I said bye, not exactly hopeful that he'd still be there - but he was! So I said bye and asked him to let me know when he got there, cos I was worried he'd get lost and stuff, and since his phone's un-usable he'd not be able to call me...
He's not contacted me yet, and it's been nearly 4 hours - it shouldn't take more than two... but I can't text him! Agh! I might call his mum's phone at some point soon

I am now distracting myself a little bit with "Planet Earth" - it's beautiful! If you're interested in animals, take a look at the pika and the arctic fox (but not the white ones, I mean when their fur is being shed for spring), they're both extremely cute

And on a final note, something that annoys me about Sophie. On her Facebook account (it's a social networking website), she's writtedn the below paragraph:
"i am probably the most sad, immature, pathetic, person you will ever meet and i also get called a loser most of the day, everyday!!(i would like to thank Jo Towler for the inspiration on this section)"

Now, how attention seeking is that? This girl is queen of attention seeking behaviour and it winds me up something chronic. Surely on websites like that, you don't wanna put that image out there? Correct? I thought as much... gah. And her relationship with Jo baffles me, too... I'll leave this for some time when I have reason to rant about it


An Observation

Everyone in my house atm is so wrapped up in their own worlds that if you don't barge into it, you're not recognised. I generally live my life not getting in peoples ways, because I'm used to them wanting to know how I am. I then re-pay this by doing the same back.

Now, the problem with this is that all the rooms in my house have those stupid "make-it-shut" bits on the doors, means that you have to put effort into having the door slightly open or fully open or... whatever. This has meant that I didn't think about it since christmas, until recently and probably seemed like I was ignoring or closing off from everyone.

This is fair enough, and under normal circumstances I wouldn't complain. But how come I'm supposed to be a friend of theirs as much as anyone else in that house (hopefully more than Julia!), yet I supposedly do something like that and no one bothers confronting me on it? Maybe because I'm friendly and helpful when they need me to be, I suppose.
Or is it because I don't have a 'best friend' to be bothered?
Or because they have learnt that I'm not being rude, I just like being by myself?
All of these are fair enough conclusions, and I'm not going to confront everyone, because then I'll get them constantly saying hi just because I mentioned it, and that'll get just as annoying, won't it? Yes...
Sophie's recently started saying hello more often, but I suspect that's because she comes up out of habit and boredom, remembers she's pissed Jo off with this whole "going away for as long as possible" malarky and so she decides to say hi to me. It's not that I don't think she's friendly enough to do it otherwise... I just know that when her and Jo weren't arguing she'd never give me a second thought... but of course now she comes in to tell me about what she's up to... I'm still undecided on if it's to get me to respond or just have someone NOT respond for once... who knows, I'm not gonna bother asking...

Also, I went out shopping on Monday for about three hours and I got home and no one had really noticed I'd left! Stacey had called up to me once, apparently, but didn't really make any effort to finding out if I was ok.
Then as I went to leave to go to my dad's today, everyone had forgotten I was going... or I had told them I was leaving later, which is possible. Eitherway, I had to walk all the way to the station for once. Typical that it was the one day I had two REALLY heavy bag, huh? Oh well, I survived!
And now I'm here, and I'm tired, and I'm done with my thus-far daily rant into the abyss that is known at the internet

*feeds the internet monster her blog*


Save Screech's House!

I was watching TV earlier because I was bored of just listening to music. I ended up just browsing through the channels cos the 'Guide' wasn't working. The channel I ended up on (TMF, I think it was) was throwing random gossip at me and I was giggling a bit, then it mentioned something I hadn't heard in a while - "Saved By The Bell"! I looked up to see Screech there, explaining about this website:


I want one of those shirts...


Took a break

Well, last night was eventful for me. I decided to e-mail Skep about my feelings for his smoking habit. It took a while, but I think it actually conveyed how I felt quite well. It involved a lot of crying but it's made me feel better today. Of course, as soon as I sent it I had this feeling I'd wish I hadn't, but I couldn't avoid it forever...

I woke up this morning and avoided the computer for ages. After breakfast, I checked my e-mails. Nothing yet... I then did some revision, but left the laptop open and after an hour I decided to go on MSN, despite trying not to so I didn't talk to Skep before I got a reply. I didn't bother saying hello to Skep, but dad was online so I talked to him for a bit. Just general stuff and hellos and whatnot. He then had to go, so I closed his window and there were some messages from Skep. I read them and he'd expected me to do exactly what I was doing, so I just closed the window and quit MSN and decided to do some more revision then go out and do the shopping I'd been meaning to.

I managed to get a lift into town with Sophie and Gemma and so only realised exactly how windy and cold it was, when I started walking down the High Street - Oh my GOD. I wasn't too bad once I'd adjusted, but those few seconds weren't much fun...
I went into Superdrug and spent some time looking around, then realised I really had no reason to be looking at these things and found the bits I was meant to be looking for a ndleft to go sort out money and some other bits.
Once I had done all of those things, I started walking towards Hepcat to get an ear piercing, when this guy creeped his way into my field of vision to get my attention. I stop and smile and take out an earphone and try to work out what charity he's working for. He asks me my age, so I tell him and he looks surprised! Claims I look younger than that, then asks me to guess his name. By this point I'm thinking "He's kinda cute" so I switch to semi-flirt and say I hate people doing this. He then insists and I "ummm" and "errr" a bit and give a guess and I get it spot on. He says that he gets some shocking answers sometimes and claims I was saying one of the lower guesses, but I assured him he doesn't look older than that and he smiles.... of course then I get a speech on children being abused and running away from home and being left with nowhere to go and nowehere to eat. I smile and nod and consider asking if he want my money or not. He then says he's trying to sign up people to give money once a month and I switch off. It's not that I don't care, of course I CARE... but if I had agreed to give money once a month to every charity that asked... I just couldn't. So I choose not to favouritise! I apologise, but I can't cos I don't really have spare money and he should catch up with me when I have a job. I wonder if, if I was single, I'd have thought of flirting with him more... he was cute!

Went to Hepcat and they were able to take me in for a second lobe piercing. The lady there is so nice. I explained I had felt faint the last time when I had the top of my ear done and she was explaining reasons why and stuff. The actual piercing itself was pretty easy, she numbed it up and just did it so I didn't have time to worry, so now I have a new hole! That makes four in my ears, none anywhere else and only one planned. I nearly got my Apple tattoo, but decided against it because I want to have lost weight and therefore be happy to show it off before then - will probably take a while at the rate I'm going

I then went to Tesco for a few supplies for cooking tonight then shuffled my way home. I saw the charity man again in a less charity-selling way and he smiled and waved, which was cool. Then the long painful walk home and collapse in my room before getting the e-mail from Skep and reading it. It was all very level headed and understanding... I truly do have a lovely boyfriend and I'm so horrible and selfish with him sometimes... I get worried when I haven't been able to talk to him for a long time. That's normal relaly, right?

I've now cooked myself Toad in the Hole, and I must say that it tasted good :) Shame I didn't manage to find myself any gravy, but oh well! I enjoy cooking very much, it's a shame that getting the food itself to my house is such hard work... I also finished re-writing notes for Nutrition and just need to read them and make new smaller notes, etc... oh the joys!

The Beginning

Well, hello there. To those of you who have found this randomly (which at the moment will be anyone reading this unless you're Simon) I am Sky

I am a 20 year old female student. I study Animal Management. I'm just coming to the end of my first semester of my second year. I'm renting a house with 6 other people I befriended in my first year, who are all mad and all but one are female:

Stuart - (the not female) He's a cool guy, keeps to himself. Going out with a woman called Sue, who is also nice and keeps him out of our hair, really ;)

Julia - Bi-polar lesbian, type. Last year there was a war trying to work out what was going on with her and this housing situation. Now, even before the christmas holiday she said she doesn't want to live with us anymore, which has caused a load of hassle with everyone really because we need to sort out either this house( (the general preference) and pay a little more, or find a newer, smaller house. This isn't being helped by Sophie, who will be discussed further in a bit. Julia is also a pain because she changes her personality so much. She'll be happy and joky at one point (granted, still a bit odd, but it's interaction), then she'll hide herself in her room. Locking the door and not answering anyone no matter what for WEEKS. She's also now got a girlfriend who she's actually seeming to be staying with now. I dunno, she puzzles and irritates me... she is northern, what can you expect? ;)

Sophie - Short, bubbly girl. She's on my course and is really sweet. She's fixated on trying to do that best for people... and often getting upset about it. She own a horse called Kayt, who she loves, nearly as much as her dog who lives back at home. Her and Jo are 'best mates'. Last year they set up this bond due to Sophie being in our room all the time and Jo being into horses as well. She also has this tendency to change herself at the flick of a switch... or what seems like it. She appears to enjoy attention ALL the time, and when this attention is threatened she gets upset and seeks it elsewhere. This week has been a good example, as she seems to have been making up reasons to leave the house near-constantly for the last three days. I might tell that story in more depth later on. To do with the house, the hassle is more on her dad's side. He wants her to move back into Halls at the college and doesn't want to budge. The problem is that he did this all last year... so we'll see what happens...

Stacey - Northern Irish, accident prone and also quite confusing. When you first meet her you can tell she's an Equine girl. She seems to look down on you and pull faces at everything, but it's ust the way she is. The time I've spent with her in the house so far has shown me she's got a really good heart. When I need a lift to the train station to go home or to my dad's she'll be the one offering the lift (to AND from the station). She'll offer help in other ways too, and cooks a GORGEOUS Sunday dinner. Accident prone, you ask? She falls up the stairs at least 3 times a day, I swear. You hear a small "Oooooh" every few hours and know exactly what's going on! Bless her. I didn't expect to be writing such a positive report on her actually, she has her fair share of faults, but she's a good girl really :)

Joanna - (aka Jo) My ex-room mate. Studying Animal Science. She's a funny old thing. Bit moody, but good fun to. She's very opinionated, which kind of intimidates me, but I don't step on toes, so I don't get in the way of her bite, I suppose. She's been really angry at Sophie because of her whole "avoiding the house" shinanigans. She also has a really fun boyfriend. It's funny seeing those two together, because although Jo's still being herself, you can see a slightly more defeated and vunerable side to her :) For me this isn't so hard after sharing a room with her last year, but I wonder if others notice this too. She's a lot less scary than she seems, and she's the one who allowed me to make any friends at Uni, so I'm grateful to her for that (most of the time)

Lisa - Studying Garden Design. She's currently having a lot of trouble doing millions of drawings for her coursework! She's Stacey's best mate and those two are often found chatting to or teasing each other, which is a source of great entertainment for the rest of us. Lisa's also a pretty good source herself, but in a different way. I think she's one of my better friends here, along with Jo, because we share a lot of interests in music. She's usually the middle man in most matters, because people come to her to complain about things. She's also done a lot to help us get and keep and maintain this house and thinks of it more as her home than the one where she actually lives!

So that's my housemates. I'm sure you'll get a fuller picture of them all over time :) The other people in my life are:

Skep - My dimple-darling boyfriend. You'll hear him being called many things (dimple-darling not being a common one, so savour it!). I love him to pieces, we've been together for 5 years (sort of) and I can't imagine anything getting in the way of that... The only thing that's threatening it is his weed smoking habit and the fact I get really paranoid and jealous sometimes... but he generally looks past that, because he loves me and knows I know that and so on, etc... he's currently out of work after being let go from his christmas placement and so looking for a new job so he can afford to come see me! (honest, that's why... ... honest)

Brook & Zak - My brothers. Irritating. Lovely. They're boys and I'm related to them. We'll leave that there!

Cyan - My sister. I love here, I think she's great! I also think she's a million times prettier, sexier and more popular and amazing than me, but she'd say otherwise. We get along well for sisters, really. Our favourite past times are slagging off boys (mostly hers) and shopping together. Shopping's not as fun when my little sister's not there

Kezia - My half sister. Small, cute and attention-seeking. When I'm at home I might complain about her more, but the distant puts a little more emphasise on the "cute"

Mum, Dad & Cliff - Parents (duh) and step-dad (hopefully also duh). I love my parents. They're awesome in their own ways and love me to pieces and would do anything in their power to make sure I was as happy as I possibly could be at any and every moment they can. I like to think I don't cause them too much trouble, but I'm probably wrong...

Aaaaaand, well that's about all I can be bothered to write about right now. Prepare yourself for bitching in the near future, about revision (exams in one week), Skep's smoking and this whole house/Sophie thing...

Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and whatnot x