Orc Warboss and Boar Banner

I have decided to try to get over my fear of painting huge, flat areas and chose to build the orc on the boar as a standard bearer. It wasn't an entirely successful exercise, but it doesn't look as awful as I was expecting, which is a bonus! I have also realised that I forgot that I hadn't done the eyes on the orc and his boar, but didn't want to do that and re-take the photos. So here we are;

In the set was the option to also create an Orc Warboss, who could have been on the boar but mine is on foot with a big choppy axe! Like so;

I have also decided to get a picture for you guys of my Night Goblins so far… it's slow progress because, well, I'm not actually doing them for an army. So there's no point doing too many of the boring bits and getting fed up, really!

That is 5 with spears, 5 with bows (one's missing cos I didn't want him sitting on his own), 3 heroes, one shaman and one banner. I have noticed that the guys on the right of the picture need their eyes doing in red. I forgot I was doing that when I did them - oops! Isn't the little squig cute?

On a final note for this entry, have people seen the new Giant Spider Games Workshop are bringing out? Looks like a major painting project to me. I'm looking forwards to investing in one of those beasts. There are a few other new bits I like the look of, but he's the main one. A bit daunting (and he makes my skin crawl a little...), but he should be a lot of fun. Or could it be a she...?


New Year's Update

So, I thought that since we are past the first month of the year, I would update you all on how I'm doing with my 'resolutions'. I have been thinking about writing this up for a while, but I've been either too busy or too tired!

The first few weeks of this year kind of threw off my hope to watch less TV. There was a death in my boyfriend's family. It was (obviously) a very sad time, where sitting watching rubbish and just thinking was the order of the day. However, I did put effort into reading. I have completed two more of the books in The Morganville Vampire series, which I am enjoying a lot! I'm a bit of a freak for teen-fantasy-fiction type books.
I have also only just started painting again, but I did recently buy a case of my own and the set of Orc Warbosses and have put together one on foot and another on his boar which I am looking forwards to painting… once I have done four more Night Goblins. Because otherwise I'll never get them done! Thankfully I had a long morning today, which is why I have started painting these little guys and why I have the time to update this blog.

I have recently accepted an invitation to a party with a group of ladies I have only met a few times, which is a daunting idea for me. This is probably the only example I have of saying 'Yes', but it's a good start!

At the end of last month I managed to not only remember, but also buy presents for, my brother and one of my good friend's birthdays, which is something I wouldn't normally manage do. In fact I sent all my siblings cheques last year to do with as they wished. I really enjoyed doing it this way, though. Now to just keep it up for the next 11 months. And since it was my brother's birthday, I've also managed to see my siblings and dad… and talked to my mum for help picking presents! I've also organised to go and see my sister at University next month during my week off and will have to talk about going to my mum's one weekend to see my 'baby' sister for a couple of hours.

On the Ceroc front, I have been told that they no longer need my help. This means that I won't be able to afford to go as much as I was hoping to… however, I hope to be able to go at least once a month and might have to find something else to fill the gap.

So, yeah. It's not going so bad, me thinks. I hope that everyone reading this is also having a good 2011 so far!


My Latest Pet Hate

On the Chip and PIN machines at work we have recently had this function kick in where, before you put in your card, it asks the customer a question. This is there for the entire transaction, whether you're paying by card or not. I think it's a genius idea, just an extra second to find out the opinions of the customer on important (and not-so-important/quite random sounding) issues to do with the company. However, this change to the whole routine is apparently just too much for the average customer!

The questions is multiple choice; "Yes" or "No", with the options on the screen at the top next to two (ARROW SHAPED) grey buttons;

Is it really so difficult to get your head around the idea of this? After seeing the faces contorted with sheer confusion for a month or so now, the answer is simple. "Yes".

They wonder if it's a real question.
They wonder if this means they can't insert their card.
They try to press the number buttons to answer.
They get scared they've done something wrong.
They look at me, scared that I might be able to see their answers (some of the questions are about the store itself or my customer service 'skills')

Please, if you see these chip and PIN machines in your travels, just click the grey button. It makes us happy!