Ok, so I just bothered looking at these new "Finecast" models and I'm now quite excited about buying a few and about the fact that there are several Orcs and Goblin models I wanted but was scared of buying metals models of... well, mainly just Azhag the Slaughterer but then they've done a Gorbad and it sounds like a a good excuse to paint him again!

It will be interesting when I get a chance to take a peek at my 'local hobby centre' (as I believe they like to be called now!) and see how much clearer the detail is... but the fact I can get a big Orcy dragon without the hassle of a metal model is a good thing on its own!

On another note, I know I've not been updating much, I've been busy with other things. My Arachnarok Spider is nearly finished but I am determined to finish him rather than upload a Work in Progress image and ruin the surprise, so say tuned!

[UPDATE | 24/06/11] I have now got my own set of paints, which means that the journey to getting Mr Arachnarok finished is nearing its conclusion. Don't turn that dial, watchers!

[UPDATE | 20/09/11] Ok, so his Flinga is now completed, but keeps falling apart :( And I need to invest in a knife to get the goblins sorted out. He doesn't really NEED a crew, right? I reckon the little spider would do a good job all on their own... ... right?