Shopping and a phone call

Well, today I needed to go into town. Firstly, to sort out money (where it was, where it wasn't, you know, studenty things...) and secondly to take a look at clothes that I do and don't want to buy. It was quite nice, in that this time 'round I remembered everything I needed to take in with me. I started from the very top of town and worked my way down, really

Mk One - Looked at a few thing, they're quite good for cheap, simple things. I couldn't see the changing rooms and felt a little weird and tacky in there, so I left quite quickly thinking I'll take a look at another time

New Look - Picked up five items and liked two, really. I think a third one was nice, but I wasn't wearing the right clothes for those almost-a-dress tops that you get so I kind of ignored it. One was bright pink and a second was a khaki colour with an animé-esque face on the front. Was cool and I almost bought it, so I might have to go back and hunt it back down

BlueOrange - Some of their clothes are so unique and cool, but expensive :( I wanted to try on one thing actually, but I feel a little weird in there too cos it seems a bit snobby (due to it being so expensive and small, I guess...)

River Island - I LOVE this shop. Half of the stuff in there is terrible, like the high fashion stuff (apparently big buttons and underwear-like jeans are 'in'...), but then there tends to be a few bits that I really like. Their jeans, for example, and some of their jackets and plainer tops... it's nice to look around. I found a pair of jeans and three tops I liked, which was good. Still didn't buy anything though...

Envy - Found a GORGEOUS skirt and top that I would love to buy... it'd be only for going out in, so it's not majorly important that I buy it... I'll think about it more, cos they ARE amazing

Went to Marks and Spencers and got my bra size measured and found out that I have gone up a cup size, which means I need new bras. This is a good thing apart from the fact I need to get more comfy ones and then build up a new collection of pretty ones too :( Dammit...

Then I sorted out money, and I think I've discovered I can actually cover my overdraft... I'm leaving all money swapping for after Easter so I know I have my last loan in and all that jazz, but still, that's all good news for me :3

Lastly, I got Tesco shopping. Nothing much, since I bought things to keep me going last week, too, but yeah. I wasn't too weighed down, either, which made a nice change, considering the rain...

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I think I've developed a new crush, too... something about the faces he pulls during the humming parts... mmmMMMMmmm


Amazing Morning

A smile creeps across my sleepy face
As your warm arm reaches across to pull me close
Your warm lips kiss my skin
And I hold your arm to my chest...

I silently roll to face you and rest my head against your chest
My smile is obvious
You wrap your arms around me once more
And we're just quiet...
A silence I could lie in forever

Nothing needs to be said
You smile loudly and kiss the top of my head
I start to move away, but an unknown force rolls me back
And I'm happy again...
Until I really need to move, cos I don't want to be too late

Such an amazing morning.

I whisper my desire to the stars -
My desire for a time to come when I can feel like this forever
So happy I feel like I can't move away
So inlove I will never let him go...

Such an amazing way to start the day...


Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Today I have mostly been cleaning up my house, or watching old favourite films... now, due to my lack of bandwidth, this is actually only a grand total of two - Babe and The Last Unicorn. Both these films almost make me cry at certain points and make me laugh out loud in others, they're both brilliant and have a wonderful set of characters

As I'm now watching The Last Unicorn, one of the characters is foxed by the famous Lewis Carroll riddle from Alice in Wonderland, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

The answer Lewis Carroll gave was that; "they both produce a few notes, all very flat, and are almost never turned the wrong way front."

I had to do a search for this and when I came across it I was a little stumped... fortunately, the same site gave one person's explanation:

"they both produce a few notes" - ravens don't have much variety in their songs and people use desks to write (paper) notes as well.
"all very flat" - what could be flatter than a piece of paper? And ravens' songs are apparently rather flat-sounding.
"and are almost never turned the wrong way front" - a desk is useless if it's faced the wrong way, because you can't sit there. "raven" spelt backwards is "nevar", and thus "raven" is almost "never" turned the wrong way front.

I had come across this last bit before during a brief study of the author himself in an English Language class, which is why I wanted to look it up, since I couldn't remember the exact answer. However, it is further said that there is no real answer for the question, but many ideas have been created by those people who think too hard, such as "Poe wrote on both" and "One is a rest for pens, the other is a pest for wrens" - both of which I'm more likely to remember than the one I was first told...

So, now you know and can confuse your friends by actually giving an answer from Mr Carroll himself, or even from the many enthusiasts who think about riddles way too hard. I find his Alice books and the movies that have been spawned from them very amusing... infact, I wish I could download them now...


Sora's Wishlist pt1

Ok, well occasionally I get bored with the internet and not having things and decide to treat myself to a little internet window shopping, then decide to share my spoils with other people. I have sent Skep a copy, as he likes ideas for things to surprise me with. This is mostly for personal reference and whatnot, but feel free to take a look at the sites yourself, it's fun!

This website is brilliant for little gadgety things. Personally I love lights and cute things that have no real use, but there's some great and more useful things on there - highly recommended if you're stumped for gifts

--- less than £10 ---

Spa Lights

Hot Packs

Perfect Badge

Original Hot Bear


Decadence Lollies

--- £10 - £20 ---

Firebox Retro Sweets

Hot Hugs

Chameleon Candles

--- stupidly expensive but SO cool --

Digital Photo Frame

Great t-shirt shop, they have some very stylish and funny t-shirts and some brilliant designers


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Bleeding Heart

99 Luftballons


Get Some Fresh Air

Hot Topic
Used to be better known as a 'goth' shop, it's become less-so (and infact I don't like it as much anymore, but there was a few nice tops there). When importing to the UK remember to think about customs costs, as Skep had a lot of those when he bought some trousers there...

Tripp White And Black Eyelet Short-Sleeved Corset

Charcoal Fender Pray Short-Sleeved Hoodie

Black And White Striped Star Hot Pants

Monster Heart Ivory Tee

Black Rose
I then revisited one of my old favourites and took a look around. They even had my old favourite necklace and wine glasses!

Tribal Dragon Chain-strap Dress

Devil Woman Hooded Top

Velvet Skate Dress

Garden of Eden Intimity Glass

Coeur Noir

I then asked my good friend Ilphin for some good t-shirt websites and this is what turned up:

Kaiju Snacktime!

Megatokyo Manga Volume 4

Character Button Set - Boo

Character Button Set - Piro

I'll Be Using These To My Advantage T-Shirt

No Longer Exists

No Longer Exists

My Little Pony Charm Necklace T-Shirt

I'm Grumpy Cos It's Always Raining T-Shirt

More To Love Ladies Dumbo T-Shirt

Follow the Rabbit Hot Pants

Character Collage Muppets T-shirt

--- I didn't like many of the shirts on the following website, but these ones made me giggle at the idea of having the entire set ---









Will It Blend?

Well, recently I went to a mate's house as something to do while I was in Lincoln. It was cool to see him and he showed me this website he happened upon. It's for a blender in the U.S. which appears to not only be useful, but be practically invincible! Go take a look at the website -


Click on the "Don't Try This at Home" section, it's pretty amazing, seeing an iPod being blended before your eyes and the resulting debris! The guy;s kind of amusing too, no remorse!

He also showed me a film called "Waiting", which made me laugh. Good fun to watch with him and was nice catching up generally :)


Questionable Content

This morning, I was reading through my websites that I read regularly. I generally go through communities every morning and if I'm particularly bored I will check on webcomics, then when I have more time I'll have a look at blogs... anyway, this morning I took a look at the webcomics and just kind of realised how much I really do LOVE Questionable Content. It's in my links column over there, but I thought I would bring it to your attention.

Now, I'd give you a blurb, but I doubt that I could do it justice... it's based around some "indie" kids. The thing that amazes me is how from the very start it's always made me laugh. ALWAYS. Possibly at the start, possibly in the middle, possibly at the end... infact, sometimes all the way through, but eitherway it makes it worth reading! And the story line is interesting too

Therefore, I completely encourage everyone to go and read through it when they have the time - it's brilliant