Amazing Morning

A smile creeps across my sleepy face
As your warm arm reaches across to pull me close
Your warm lips kiss my skin
And I hold your arm to my chest...

I silently roll to face you and rest my head against your chest
My smile is obvious
You wrap your arms around me once more
And we're just quiet...
A silence I could lie in forever

Nothing needs to be said
You smile loudly and kiss the top of my head
I start to move away, but an unknown force rolls me back
And I'm happy again...
Until I really need to move, cos I don't want to be too late

Such an amazing morning.

I whisper my desire to the stars -
My desire for a time to come when I can feel like this forever
So happy I feel like I can't move away
So inlove I will never let him go...

Such an amazing way to start the day...

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