Sora's Wishlist pt1

Ok, well occasionally I get bored with the internet and not having things and decide to treat myself to a little internet window shopping, then decide to share my spoils with other people. I have sent Skep a copy, as he likes ideas for things to surprise me with. This is mostly for personal reference and whatnot, but feel free to take a look at the sites yourself, it's fun!

This website is brilliant for little gadgety things. Personally I love lights and cute things that have no real use, but there's some great and more useful things on there - highly recommended if you're stumped for gifts

--- less than £10 ---

Spa Lights

Hot Packs

Perfect Badge

Original Hot Bear


Decadence Lollies

--- £10 - £20 ---

Firebox Retro Sweets

Hot Hugs

Chameleon Candles

--- stupidly expensive but SO cool --

Digital Photo Frame

Great t-shirt shop, they have some very stylish and funny t-shirts and some brilliant designers


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Bleeding Heart

99 Luftballons


Get Some Fresh Air

Hot Topic
Used to be better known as a 'goth' shop, it's become less-so (and infact I don't like it as much anymore, but there was a few nice tops there). When importing to the UK remember to think about customs costs, as Skep had a lot of those when he bought some trousers there...

Tripp White And Black Eyelet Short-Sleeved Corset

Charcoal Fender Pray Short-Sleeved Hoodie

Black And White Striped Star Hot Pants

Monster Heart Ivory Tee

Black Rose
I then revisited one of my old favourites and took a look around. They even had my old favourite necklace and wine glasses!

Tribal Dragon Chain-strap Dress

Devil Woman Hooded Top

Velvet Skate Dress

Garden of Eden Intimity Glass

Coeur Noir

I then asked my good friend Ilphin for some good t-shirt websites and this is what turned up:

Kaiju Snacktime!

Megatokyo Manga Volume 4

Character Button Set - Boo

Character Button Set - Piro

I'll Be Using These To My Advantage T-Shirt

No Longer Exists

No Longer Exists

My Little Pony Charm Necklace T-Shirt

I'm Grumpy Cos It's Always Raining T-Shirt

More To Love Ladies Dumbo T-Shirt

Follow the Rabbit Hot Pants

Character Collage Muppets T-shirt

--- I didn't like many of the shirts on the following website, but these ones made me giggle at the idea of having the entire set ---








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