A changing of wants

While I was a student, I could not get enough music. I enjoyed Indie, Punk and Rock music that helped express my sort-of angst and the sadness and confusion that filled my life due to having a chronicle depressed boyfriend who lived miles and miles away and never really feeling like I fitted in with the people around me.

Fortunately, as time has moved on and I have grown up and away from these feelings (and people), my desire to listen to this style of music has come to an end. However, this has left a hole in my musical tastes that has now been filled with bouncy, happy and/or slightly soppy pop and dance music, much to the disappointment of my boyfriend (who is a hardcore 'real dance music' fan who used to DJ and has fond memories of Ibiza).

Now that I have a job, I have recently taken to browsing and organising my Amazon Wishlists so that I can pretend to myself that I have spare pennies to spend on whatever I would like. Today I decided to do a full over-haul of these and discovered something. My desire has turned away from wanting to collect CDs and more towards purchasing books and DVDs. I wasn't even fully aware of this change until I realised how much "Kill Hannah" and "Nightwish" I had been storing away in these catalogues of want. This has confused me, though. I still enjoy listening to "Extreme Behaviour" by Hinder and Elliot Minor's self-titled first album… but for some reason I'm not as interested as I used to be in the idea of owning any new CDs, which used to be my sole excitement when it came to opening any kind of present.

I am assuming that this is because of some or all of these things; my boyfriend is big on reading, he isn't into my type of music and so I don't subject him to my playlists very often, we both enjoy watching films together. So why do I still want Chick Flicks or Rom/Coms that I know he won't watch with me? Life's full of mysteries, isn't it?

The other reason I can offer is that since I no longer have something else to focus on (such as doing assignments or avoiding doing assignments), listening to music has less of a function and therefore watching a DVD or reading a book keeps two senses focused at once as I'm used to from a time now gone.

I might rediscover my enjoyment of music as I continue my journey into the world of Warhammer, however, as one needs some sort of accompaniment to the constant painting and waiting for paint to dry. If this happens, I'm sure that this blog will become dotted with links to music videos and the likes as I come across new and more interesting things.

Likewise, if and when I am able to browse the internet without worrying about data usage, this blog would probably also become full of videos of kittens and puppies… I can hear you praying that that day shall never come. My heart goes to you people…

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