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Well, I haven't updated for a while because... well, because nothing much has happened with the Orc and Goblin army and I haven't really done much else of note! However, its nearly my birthday (Tuesday, 3rd August) and I'm all excited and reading other blogs and thought I should update... therefore I think I'm gonna insert y cute customer quote for the week;

Earlier this week I was chatting with a young lady who had brought in (I assume) her little sister. She asked me where the train station is and I gave her description, finishing with "...and you'll see a big car park, it's right there." Her little sister looked up at me and said "I like car parks," and when asked why said it was "Because you get to pay at the parking thingy." One day she'll understand why this made me smile so much!

On a further note, later today I will be taking my boyfriend and some of his 'geek' friends to the Boston Games Workshop, where another friend has just opened his first shop as manager! He had been a 'full-timer' at the Lincoln store for a while and I think he's been training for months going back and forth, so it's quite nice to see that he's gotten what he wanted! I'm hoping to make a start on my Night Goblins while I'm there.

The Spider Riders are all finished and look a little something like this;

I love them! They look slightly different from each other due to the time left between them but, hey, they're spiders!

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