In England, CSAs can read minds

I work in a small, convenience-type supermarket. As you may expect, we get a few regulars and some generally strange people coming in. I have decided that I need to start writing about these people to share them with the internet! I will start off these tales with a very short one from today.

I have been made aware of a much higher number of foreign people living in my city that I first thought before I started working in this supermarket. Some of them are very friendly. However, we also get customers like the gentleman I had in earlier today.

This gentleman came in, got to the till and just grunted, "Richmond." in his European accent. (To convey the tone, I must point out the distaste in the next customers face not only when he said it but once he'd left and she addressed me in shock at this experience.) Of course, being the polite and experienced CSA that I am, I just followed his sights to the cigarettes behind me and made an educated guess that he meant the 'Superking' size, not the 'King' size… and he also meant the 20 pack, not the 10… 40 OR the 100 pack that we also stock in that brand… and that he also did not mean Menthol OR Smooth. Now, the latter is the usual assumption, as it is easiest to jump to, however the rest was just a small step away from MIND READING.

So my lesson for today is; Please, learn English, guys!

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