This year, I have decided I need to try to better myself. Take steps to feel like I am doing something with my life outside of my job. As a result of this, I have created a list of improvements that I would like to see in myself.

I would like to watch less TV and do more things like reading, drawing and painting.

I would like to try to "say yes more." Accept invitations, organise visits, etc.

I would like to get out a birthday card (at least!) to those I care about. To let people know that I am thinking of them.

I would like to see my parents, my sisters and my brothers more regularly. And if I can't see them more often, I might take up writing them little notes so they know I'm thinking of them.

I would like to commit to my start at Ceroc. This is partly a part of the 'say yes' thing and partly to help me feel fitter.

At first, I'm sure I'll have to force myself to be organised, or even disciplined enough, to actually do them. But hopefully they will make me feel better enough about my life that it will become habit.

Wish me luck!

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