The Eden Trilogy

Just a quick post to advertise my lovely friend's book being published on Kindle. The blurb reads thusly;

"Evangeline Cass saw the man who murdered her parents, she knows he is a vampire, and she has spent her life trying to find him. A Professor in Literature she spends her time teaching the subject she is most afraid of, the Gothic, using her job as a cover for her desire to learn about vampires. But Eve's life is more entwined with the dark and unknown world of the supernatural than she realises. When Eve meets Dante, a beautiful and intelligent young man, who sweeps her off her feet, she finds herself learning all about the real world she lives in. The secret that her neighbour and friend Rafael has kept from her for her whole life, and the reason why he holds such deep fear and hatred for Dante are one in the same."

You can find out further details by going to her website or just buying her book on Amazon. If it's not for you, but you think that you know someone who would be interested, pass it along.

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