An Observation

Everyone in my house atm is so wrapped up in their own worlds that if you don't barge into it, you're not recognised. I generally live my life not getting in peoples ways, because I'm used to them wanting to know how I am. I then re-pay this by doing the same back.

Now, the problem with this is that all the rooms in my house have those stupid "make-it-shut" bits on the doors, means that you have to put effort into having the door slightly open or fully open or... whatever. This has meant that I didn't think about it since christmas, until recently and probably seemed like I was ignoring or closing off from everyone.

This is fair enough, and under normal circumstances I wouldn't complain. But how come I'm supposed to be a friend of theirs as much as anyone else in that house (hopefully more than Julia!), yet I supposedly do something like that and no one bothers confronting me on it? Maybe because I'm friendly and helpful when they need me to be, I suppose.
Or is it because I don't have a 'best friend' to be bothered?
Or because they have learnt that I'm not being rude, I just like being by myself?
All of these are fair enough conclusions, and I'm not going to confront everyone, because then I'll get them constantly saying hi just because I mentioned it, and that'll get just as annoying, won't it? Yes...
Sophie's recently started saying hello more often, but I suspect that's because she comes up out of habit and boredom, remembers she's pissed Jo off with this whole "going away for as long as possible" malarky and so she decides to say hi to me. It's not that I don't think she's friendly enough to do it otherwise... I just know that when her and Jo weren't arguing she'd never give me a second thought... but of course now she comes in to tell me about what she's up to... I'm still undecided on if it's to get me to respond or just have someone NOT respond for once... who knows, I'm not gonna bother asking...

Also, I went out shopping on Monday for about three hours and I got home and no one had really noticed I'd left! Stacey had called up to me once, apparently, but didn't really make any effort to finding out if I was ok.
Then as I went to leave to go to my dad's today, everyone had forgotten I was going... or I had told them I was leaving later, which is possible. Eitherway, I had to walk all the way to the station for once. Typical that it was the one day I had two REALLY heavy bag, huh? Oh well, I survived!
And now I'm here, and I'm tired, and I'm done with my thus-far daily rant into the abyss that is known at the internet

*feeds the internet monster her blog*

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