He's Gone, for now

Well, today I woke up at a reasonable time, considering last night I had to drag myself away from tidying up a Powerpoint presentation in an attempt to learn something about companion animals. I talked to Skep and he was getting ready to drive to his mother's place for a couple of weeks. He also informed me that he couldn't make the phone call I'd cheekily asked for, because his phone had been disconnected. Sometimes it really does seem like fates or something are stopping us from fully enjoying this relationship...

When he went to pack things up properly, I started some more revision. I was looking through behaviour, which is a lot more fun than nutrition... although not as much so when you don't get to watch the DVDs we were. The studies are more to my taste, and it's just generally more in my interests than all those nutrients. However, I started getting stomach cramps and so had to take a lie down. When I woke up, I went to my laptop and Skep had left me a message to say he was leaving... I said bye, not exactly hopeful that he'd still be there - but he was! So I said bye and asked him to let me know when he got there, cos I was worried he'd get lost and stuff, and since his phone's un-usable he'd not be able to call me...
He's not contacted me yet, and it's been nearly 4 hours - it shouldn't take more than two... but I can't text him! Agh! I might call his mum's phone at some point soon

I am now distracting myself a little bit with "Planet Earth" - it's beautiful! If you're interested in animals, take a look at the pika and the arctic fox (but not the white ones, I mean when their fur is being shed for spring), they're both extremely cute

And on a final note, something that annoys me about Sophie. On her Facebook account (it's a social networking website), she's writtedn the below paragraph:
"i am probably the most sad, immature, pathetic, person you will ever meet and i also get called a loser most of the day, everyday!!(i would like to thank Jo Towler for the inspiration on this section)"

Now, how attention seeking is that? This girl is queen of attention seeking behaviour and it winds me up something chronic. Surely on websites like that, you don't wanna put that image out there? Correct? I thought as much... gah. And her relationship with Jo baffles me, too... I'll leave this for some time when I have reason to rant about it

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