Took a break

Well, last night was eventful for me. I decided to e-mail Skep about my feelings for his smoking habit. It took a while, but I think it actually conveyed how I felt quite well. It involved a lot of crying but it's made me feel better today. Of course, as soon as I sent it I had this feeling I'd wish I hadn't, but I couldn't avoid it forever...

I woke up this morning and avoided the computer for ages. After breakfast, I checked my e-mails. Nothing yet... I then did some revision, but left the laptop open and after an hour I decided to go on MSN, despite trying not to so I didn't talk to Skep before I got a reply. I didn't bother saying hello to Skep, but dad was online so I talked to him for a bit. Just general stuff and hellos and whatnot. He then had to go, so I closed his window and there were some messages from Skep. I read them and he'd expected me to do exactly what I was doing, so I just closed the window and quit MSN and decided to do some more revision then go out and do the shopping I'd been meaning to.

I managed to get a lift into town with Sophie and Gemma and so only realised exactly how windy and cold it was, when I started walking down the High Street - Oh my GOD. I wasn't too bad once I'd adjusted, but those few seconds weren't much fun...
I went into Superdrug and spent some time looking around, then realised I really had no reason to be looking at these things and found the bits I was meant to be looking for a ndleft to go sort out money and some other bits.
Once I had done all of those things, I started walking towards Hepcat to get an ear piercing, when this guy creeped his way into my field of vision to get my attention. I stop and smile and take out an earphone and try to work out what charity he's working for. He asks me my age, so I tell him and he looks surprised! Claims I look younger than that, then asks me to guess his name. By this point I'm thinking "He's kinda cute" so I switch to semi-flirt and say I hate people doing this. He then insists and I "ummm" and "errr" a bit and give a guess and I get it spot on. He says that he gets some shocking answers sometimes and claims I was saying one of the lower guesses, but I assured him he doesn't look older than that and he smiles.... of course then I get a speech on children being abused and running away from home and being left with nowhere to go and nowehere to eat. I smile and nod and consider asking if he want my money or not. He then says he's trying to sign up people to give money once a month and I switch off. It's not that I don't care, of course I CARE... but if I had agreed to give money once a month to every charity that asked... I just couldn't. So I choose not to favouritise! I apologise, but I can't cos I don't really have spare money and he should catch up with me when I have a job. I wonder if, if I was single, I'd have thought of flirting with him more... he was cute!

Went to Hepcat and they were able to take me in for a second lobe piercing. The lady there is so nice. I explained I had felt faint the last time when I had the top of my ear done and she was explaining reasons why and stuff. The actual piercing itself was pretty easy, she numbed it up and just did it so I didn't have time to worry, so now I have a new hole! That makes four in my ears, none anywhere else and only one planned. I nearly got my Apple tattoo, but decided against it because I want to have lost weight and therefore be happy to show it off before then - will probably take a while at the rate I'm going

I then went to Tesco for a few supplies for cooking tonight then shuffled my way home. I saw the charity man again in a less charity-selling way and he smiled and waved, which was cool. Then the long painful walk home and collapse in my room before getting the e-mail from Skep and reading it. It was all very level headed and understanding... I truly do have a lovely boyfriend and I'm so horrible and selfish with him sometimes... I get worried when I haven't been able to talk to him for a long time. That's normal relaly, right?

I've now cooked myself Toad in the Hole, and I must say that it tasted good :) Shame I didn't manage to find myself any gravy, but oh well! I enjoy cooking very much, it's a shame that getting the food itself to my house is such hard work... I also finished re-writing notes for Nutrition and just need to read them and make new smaller notes, etc... oh the joys!

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