Questionable Content

This morning, I was reading through my websites that I read regularly. I generally go through communities every morning and if I'm particularly bored I will check on webcomics, then when I have more time I'll have a look at blogs... anyway, this morning I took a look at the webcomics and just kind of realised how much I really do LOVE Questionable Content. It's in my links column over there, but I thought I would bring it to your attention.

Now, I'd give you a blurb, but I doubt that I could do it justice... it's based around some "indie" kids. The thing that amazes me is how from the very start it's always made me laugh. ALWAYS. Possibly at the start, possibly in the middle, possibly at the end... infact, sometimes all the way through, but eitherway it makes it worth reading! And the story line is interesting too

Therefore, I completely encourage everyone to go and read through it when they have the time - it's brilliant

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