New Hard Drive

Well, this week has been interesting. The week itself wasn't anything special. I got convinced to go out when I didn't feel like it. Saved some frogs from the possibility of drying out or getting splatted on the road. Been continuing to force myself to go to the gym after lectures in a hope that I'll lose weight. I've watched the first thirteen episodes of Full Metal Alchemist (which is an awesome animé and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the genre). Made to feel a little stupid because I'm not particularly good at maths. And handed out a load of CVs in hope that someone will want to take on this poor student for a part time or weekend job...

But, most importantly, I have been trying to sort out my laptop.
You see, a while ago I went out with friends and, as usual, left him on so that people could leave me messages on MSN and whatnot (cos people are generally too lazy to actually use e-mail so don't bother otherwise) However, instead of sitting there nicely for me when I got home, he was making funny noises. A huge amount of whirring, grinding noises. I try to just check what's going on onscreen and he's frozen, so restart him begrudgingly, only for the whirring and grinding to continue. I decided to leave him off overnight and took out the battery, thinking that would possibly help.

It didn't, and so I called my dad and he said to bring it to his place and he'll take a look. Of course, it seems that the two days rest made him feel a load better and therefore worked fine. Not even a squeak... and since then, he was pretty good. I'd turn him off overnight and he seemed quite happy...

But then, last weekend, he did the same thing. I got back after a party next door and he was whirring at me and I tried to talk to people on MSN but he'd frozen up again... and this time, when I tried to restart him he was flashing up that he couldn't find the OS :/ So I called dad the next morning and told him and this week I've been trying to work out what to do with him. Currently, I am booting off of an external hard drive which I have thanks to my (awesome) dad and so I am able to do Uni work, otherwise it'd be a real pain to get things done...

Anywho, I am mostly here to brag that, because of this, I was given two options:
Upgrade to a new Intel MacBook (which I said I wanted to postpone til I had finished Uni for many obscure reasons that I can't really explain)
Get a new hard drive because that's the thing that seems to be causing trouble.
So I have chosen the latter and on Tuesday my baby will be having 160Gb installed! That's more than double my current disk space, he's gonna seem HUGE! So much music!

Meanwhile, I have an assignment on the considerations that need to be taken when starting up a boarding kennel in respect to preventing kennel cough to do for Monday! Adieu

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Brett Jordan said...

looking forward to seeing you on monday baby girl

your ever-luvvin' dappy pappy