Things I Would Like To Do

Today, I had an interesting walk home. As I was taking myself from the gym, something sparked off a thought and I relaised that I want to bungie-jump and/or sky dive. Preferably with someone else to share the experience. And I'd liek to do it quite early in my life...

Now, this is all well and good, but it sparked off a train of thought about how I always consider myself to be a pretty boring person. I don't often care too much about what I do and I don't think about ambitions or anything that could make my life more interesting... but then I came up with this first list-

I would like to:
Sky dive
Swim with dolphins
Learn falconry
Learn to ride a horse
Learn archery
Learn to ride a motorbike (or at least know someone I was able to go on rides with a lot)
Go to somewhere on the equator to watch the sun rise and set (as it apparently goes REALLY fast)
Go to Africa to look after the orphaned animals for a month
Go on this road trip Skep talked about to the U.S., purely for the experience

And I realised that this was a pretty substantial list... then I thought about what else I would like to do... there's obviously the more sentimental things:
Having a home that I have decorated and created so that every morning I wake up and smile proudly
To have children who want to talk to me about problems and life for a large part of their lives
I'd like to teach someone something that they will never forget and hopefully pass on to someone else in a similar fashion
I'd like to own several different types of pet for their entire life period
I want to be able to own something that means so much to me that it can be passed down to my grandchildren
And of course I want a man who will be there to love me and make me feel special for the rest of my life and who I will be willing to do anything for to see him happy, in return

Which are all more ideals than attainable goals (although I'm sure everything there is doable...) And this bottom list? The more trivial, silly things that I've come up with after considering my top two lists:
Get a good tan
Make a snow angel
Be proud of my body
I would like to go out wearing pajamas
Own all the classic Disney films on DVD
Have a wardrobe full of dressing up outfits
Kiss a stranger, even if it's just on the cheek
Have a wardrobe with gorgeous clothes that I love
Match said clothes with shoes/boots/sandals/trainers of many different colours and styles
Receive a bouquet of lovingly, carefully chosen flowers with a note that makes me smile instantly
Have a photoshoot where someone does my make up and hair and I get to wear a beautiful dress and have the photos taken of me and be allowed to take away a few of the photos as well

Well... this is my thoughtful moment for the year, I guess... hope you appreciate me sharing it with you :)

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