Give Them Your Money

So, I now know which models I will need to create my Army List. My next task is looking up how much this will cost. The easy way to calculate the cost, if you have the internet, is to just add everything you would like to a shopping cart on Games Workshop’s website.

It is a very good idea to pay attention to how many you get in a box while doing this. This is written in the product information underneath the pictures on the website. This will be useful because the numbers in your list might mean that you need to buy more than one box, or you might realise that you won't use everything you pay for. Feel free to edit your list or prepare to just not use some models or even use the spare ones as practice or to amuse yourself (I have been considering painting some pink for several months now...)

Using this method, I have calculated that buying all of my models would set me back £221... which I would be buying one bit at a time. I suggest buying them in sets such as one box of Core units and then a Lord or at least something more interesting to ease the monotony of the smaller, more repetitive units a little bit.

Then finally you will want to make these models into something worth being seen with. For this you will need; glue (£8.00 each), spray paints for undercoating (£8.00 each), some coloured paints and brushes which are available in a starter pack (£18.00) or individually.

The paints themselves are very good and coat the models extremely well. Another suggestion is investing in a dark coloured ‘wash’, which takes a lot of the agony out of trying to shade all of your units. This leaves you to put all your effort into highlighting, meaning you have one less thing to struggle with. The final addition to your decorating arsenal is the material for your bases, coming in several varieties (scroll down to see the tubs) which you can mix and match as you see fit.

Fortunately for me I have my in-house Warhammer geek who has a huge collection of paints and seems to have acquired an abnormal amount of goblins, all of which he’s willing to let me use, for the sake of me getting my army done sooner rather than later.

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