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Today I had a very strange phone call. It was a mobile number that I didn't have stored on my phone, but I answered it anyway. For once, I actually recognised the voice answering, but needed clarification that it was Leo, a guy I know from dancing, because the chances of him actually calling me randomly in the middle of the week were rather slim. However, it was him and he was asking me to demo for him at his dance classes because his girlfriend, who normally demos for him, had to deal with some horse stuff. I jumped at the chance, saying that I will check I'm not forgetting something but would LOVE to! I was so excited!

It was a really amazing feeling. I like being around Leo, there's just something about him that's relaxing. Not calming as such, but I feel like I've known him for a long time and it's ok to talk about things with him… almost like talking girl-to-girl. On top of this, it was really nice to be recognised as a good dancer and watch and help other people learning to do something that I seem to have picked up so quickly…

The feeling when I dance with him makes me remember why I started. There's something about the completeness I feel when we dance. Not in a romantic or lustful way like a lot of people seem to associate with these styles of dancing. It's just the way it all flows because we can both do it. Granted, I apparently look like a rabbit in headlights a lot of the time because I'm never sure what he's going to do next… but that's part of the fun! I can understand how so many 'relationships'* can start from dancing. There's a closeness that I can't imagine being found any other way. A closeness in knowing something together and being able to show it off. A closeness in knowing that if it goes wrong you're both blaming yourself and not getting upset. A closeness in being able to then go your own separate ways with a smile on your face and just be happy it happened and will probably happen again.

I love the feel of the music. The way that I can parade myself or be shown off at certain points. The way that when I get stopped in certain ways it sort of 'jars' my hips and they sway. The way I can place my hands and feel elegant like those people on TV. The way that my skirt swishes around me, even though I don't really get to see it. The way it feels when I place my feet down in heels as I move around. The backwards-forwards action of the salsa moves.

I just wish that I could afford or justify taking time to learn how to make it better, because this would boost my confidence a lot when it comes to things like tonight. Granted I was able to do it because I knew that Leo's leading would mean that I could do the moves… and that that session wasn't too serious. I worry about how and where I put my feet. It works fine in a Freestyle when you're having fun, but when you're teaching? Not so much!

I just felt like I had to let these feelings out a bit. I want to do more! Jump around and dance and do anything creative at all! But instead I must go to bed. I was hoping my boyfriend would still be awake and I'd probably be just talking to him… ah well!

Good night x

* When I say 'relationships' in this context, I say it with a certain cynicism after seeing how these things can turn out…

Ps - If you're now interested in taking up modern jive, there are several groups who teach it; Ceroc is one of the main ones and I believe they have lots of events going on that you can find on their website. I also learned at Jivefusion, which is based in Lincoln

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